Flavours from the Fassa Valley

Traditional recipes, authentic ingredients and passion

The traditional Fassa Valley cuisine

Enjoy the robust flavours of the traditional Fassa Valley cuisine. Your holiday continues even as you sit down at your table: our gourmet menu gives you an opportunity to taste the typical dishes of our area, made with organic ingredients. You’ll also find delicious seafood and options for vegetarians and vegans. Enjoy the smell of homemade bread and the authenticity of our yogurt and jams. Everything is prepared with care and passion so that we can bring the real flavours of the Fassa Valley right to your table.

Our Chef, a passion for tradition

Our chef, and to dazzle our many guests with traditional Trentino recipes - and by adding a pinch of creativity and innovation to all his dishes. His menu also integrates delicious seafood and recipes for guests who are vegetarians. Like all of us, he is very attentive to his choice of products and serves only natural, fresh ingredients that have been expertly prepared. The results are true masterpieces of flavour, fragrance and colour.

Our Wine Cellar, a passion for good wine

The aromas and flavours of the sunny valleys of Trentino, the pure Dolomite air, and a great deal of passion: that is what you’ll find when you uncork one of the many bottles of regional wine in our cellar. Our passion for wine has led us to create a collection of regional wines that will enhance our typical cuisine; there are, however, but also many well-known and international labels. Let a nice glass of red wine or a sparkling Trentino white take you on an intense sensory journey.