Summer in the Dolomities ☀

Mother Nature is just outside the door at our hotel in the heart of the Dolomites.

Welcome to King Laurin’s magnificent kingdom!
Whether you want to visit Rosengarten, Sasso Lungo, Sella Ronda, or Marmolada, this hotel in the Dolomites represents an ideal starting point for any type of hike or excursion.

Mysterious lakes with crystal-clear waters nestled into the woods and the pink rocks of the Dolomites provide a spectacular backdrop for a hike or a stroll through the farms of the high mountains. Try one of the many hiking programmes offered by the hotel, and set off in exploration of the Dolomites in all their glory:

  • from the hotel: twice a week Trekking accompanied by guides with stops at the shelter
  • fom the hotel: in the week approaching the climbing wall of the hotel (for adults and children)
  • from the hotel: twice a week trips for families accompanied with games and workshops

The “Nature & Wellness Hotel Renato" is located at the foot of the "Rosengarten", one of the best and most beautiful excursion site in the Dolomites. The mountains between the Rosengarten massif, Langkofel, Sella and Marmolada offer you many hiking and mountain tours with unique and inspiring nature experiences.

The lush forests, sparkling lakes, and the red color of dolomite rock is a breathtaking natural spectacle which releases unforgettable emotions.

Mountains, valleys and nature in the Dolomites are a paradise for excursions and mountain sports. The numerous trips and hiking in the mountains offer opportunities for all levels and anyone interested - a unique experience.

Clothes and shoes suitable for mountain excursions are required

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